Floating Objects

If you aren't familiar with whatever these are, they are called overlays or transparent images. These are pictures that don't have or cropped out backgrounds. I started editing pictures and gifs like these last June 2013, when I saw how widely used they were for designing. I use Photoshop CS3 in making them (I really want the updated version of the program.)

I post all of these on my tumblr blog: radically transparent, and I have gained over 16k followers in less than a year, woah. You may check it out if you are interested to see more of my works! Here are a couple of the hundreds I've made: 


Disclaimer: Most photos, gifs and art that I edit from aren't mine. They're made and taken by very creative and outstanding artists and photographers. I am not claiming the original images as mine, although the edits are. Don't steal any of my edits and claim it as your work for it is plagiarism and against the law. If you're going to use my edits for designing or for a project, go to my contact page and ask for permission from me and don't forget to give me credit. :)

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Festival Goers