The Impossible Wish List

Christmas, for me and for most, is the happiest time of the year. It also happens to be my birthday! I don't really ask much for my birthday slash Christmas this year. A generous amount of happiness spread unto myself and the people around me is enough. That's a trillion times better than getting a lump of coal in my stocking. Despite that, I have a list of wishes of which I'm pretty sure won't come true (but hey, I still hope they would). Much of this list may sound pretty absurd or out-of-this-world, but who wouldn't want those!! 
What else do your creative minds have on your wish list? Shoot them down in the comments and I'll enjoy reading your ideas! Merry Christmas and may all of you have a good one!


  1. the perfect dude. now give me my candy

    1. *gives you candy* The perfect dude = Dylan O'Brien (but he's mine)

    2. give me Josh Dallas or Colin O' Donoghue.


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