One Soul in Two Bodies

I don't think I have fully introduced my long lost sister /slash/ partner-in-crime, with an equally quirky name as mine. We met in 7th grade when we were still dorks who obsessed over pop boy bands and British youtubers (we still do). Throughout the years, we've developed and shared the same interest for arts, music, photos, films, and a sprinkle of fashion.
Although we may seem alike through all our favorite things, we actually act differently. I'm the optimist and she's the pessimist, and there are times when we freak out, and let's say for example, it's about getting concert tickets for one of our favorite bands. 

Reyn: We are so doomed! How are we gonna get tickets? 
We don't have money yet, plus, we don't have a ride to get to the arena! 
Me: Okay, okay, okay. Don't worry. We got this.
Reyn: What do you mean we got this? How sure are you?!
Me: Reyn, we don't even know if *insert band here* is even going here yet.
Reyn: Oh.

Sometimes I wonder if both of us are telepathic towards each other. What I'm thinking is always connected to what she's thinking. We could look at each other and automatically sense what's on the other one's mind. That's the sign of true friendship right there.
I am with her in my past blog posts (and in some posts I may have deleted, sorry about that) so she may sound quite familiar. Expect her to be in some of my future posts as well, because we're practically inseparable. What you see of me now, wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for my best friend. I shower her with my all gratitude.
I'm ending this post with a quote that Reyn sent me, which I find rather accurate.
~ Do you ever look at your best friend and just go "Who the heck blessed me with this dork? I am the luckiest loser in the galaxy." ~
You could get updates on the weather (Haha, get it? Because Reyn sounds like rain. No? Okay.) on:


  1. Such an amazing friendship you two have :) Treasure it and hold it close always xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  2. I'm grateful for our friendship thank you :)


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