BGC Adventure

At my other post (you could find it here), I said Reyn and I would film another video, because we're trying out for Youtube. On this little hang out at Fort Bonifacio Global City, the day before Mothers' day, we managed to film, take pictures (most of them are crap), and had a lot of fun. We invited Nicolo to help us, and I feel bad because we had to drag him to different places all the time, although I think he didn't mind. So now, prepare for a horrendously long photo spam. 

This background has got to be the cutest I have ever seen. When we were walking past Fully Booked, Reyn and I both looked at each other in shock and for a moment there, we had this sudden telepathy. Who could resist the urge to take pictures with it? I mean come on. 

You might not believe me but we have seen someone who looked EXACTLY like Andrew Garfield. He was in shades and had the similar tall and skinny figure, hairstyle and face shape. I'm not kidding nor am I even exaggerating. 
This is my cat skirt, which I bought from Androgyne Manila in Market! Market!. If you're confused on why this was different from the one I wore from the pictures with the bright yellow background, we filmed two outfits and of course we packed another set of clothes to change into.
I just realized this was the only photo I took of Nicolo in it, haha. I hope you enjoyed this long post, because we sure did relish the day despite our aching legs as we struggled to walk from one place to another, and searching for Mothers' day gifts. The exhaustion caused me to sleep for more than 10 hours, which resulted to my lack of productiveness the next day. Also, I learned a new way to edit my photos on Photoshop, wooh! Do you guys like it? :)


  1. I love the photos! x and your outfit and hair hehe I've been thinking about getting around bgc for a while now but I never have the time and seeing this post and its photos gives me more motivation now :-)

    Love your blog by the way x I'd follow it but then I can't seem to find your gfc? :( :) hope you'd follow back too though xx

    1. Aww thank you!! bgc is a really cool place. I was actually fixing my gfc just a short while ago haha. It's okay now! I followed you there by the way :)

  2. I love your blog! The design is just so... Ahhh! Amazing! Those photos are fantastic. I followed you on GFC :-) Follow back? X


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